Window screen repair for your home

It seems that a lot of the older windows are just not holding up anymore, after all some windows out there are over 40 years old. Today we have vinyl windows that are energy efficient and reduce the noise. One of the problems with the new vinyl windows is the plastic corners on the window screen frames, they just aren’t strong enough and they don’t last. On the other hand with the older aluminum windows most of the screen have good metal corners but are just to old to re-screen, so changing the frame on these screens is a must.

Replacing the Screens

New screen frames come in different colors to choose from so what we recommend is that you choose a color that matches you window encasement color for a better match or the color of your old screen frame so they look the same. New screens make your windows look years younger or better, actually the only thing you see in a window if the window screen mesh is old is the old screen.  It doesn’t matter if the windows are new or old when a screen mesh is old it turns gray and brittle and blocks your view making it easy to see. When a screen is new you should not see it, thats how clear you want you screen to be, unnoticeable.

Do your windows really need to be replaced?

You would be surprised what new window screens and new sliding screen doors could do for your windows. starting with the look, it makes a house look much better than is all the windows have gray old screens that can be seeing from the street.  You do not want to be able to tell that there are screens on windows, if  you can it’s time to do some home window repair and rescreen your windows A.S.A.P

Old Screens?

Window and door screens don’t last forever, you do have to rescreen your windows and doors at least every 8 to 10 years.  Waiting more than this just means your screens are old. When a screen is new the mesh is clear and you cant tell the screens there and it wont have any glare from the sun that will be noticeable from the inside of the house.