On the spot screen repair service

Screens are the one thing in a home, that people don’t know who to call to get them fixed.  Most clients will call a handyman repair service to get the job done but those days are over. Marcelo’s Screens is a mobile screen repair service that will come to you and get the screen job done on site. A handyman service dose not specialize in screen and will not make them right as a matter of fact we work very closely with several professional handyman services that will not ouch a screen job just because there is some technic involved that can become a bit of a problem.

Window and sliding screen door making is not as easy as it might look like, you need to know how to measure right so the screen frame does not fall off or give you trouble getting it off when it’s time to wash the windows. To measure right you need to know that there are hundreds if not thousands of window and door manufactures that have come and gone in the past 50 years leaving us with having to really be good measuring. How do you become good measuring screens…easy, you just do it for 17 years and you do thousands of jobs.  Trust us when we say that measuring a screen is not easy and thats why a handyman repair service will not do the job of making and installing screens right.

Most handyman services do a lot but don’t specialize in anything, they are good for many things but screens are just not one of them. If you don’t believe what we say just give the handyman of your choice a call and ask them if they would like to take on a screen job and see what they tell you, NO thats what you’ll hear because making a screen is not easy, It looks easy but it’s not. If you think the teenagers working at Doit Center for the summer have the experience to get the screen job done you better, think again.  If you want to get a sliding screen door installed in your house or just need a few new window screens made and installed the best advice we can give you is call a professional mobile screen company to do the job right.

Here are some questions you should ask your handyman if you think he can do the screen job:

  1. Will he bow the frames? if done right the frames should be straight
  2. Will the window screen mesh be tight? if done the right way the fiber glass mesh should be tight
  3. What kind of mesh is he going to use? The best screen material is charcoal fiber glass not metal
  4. Is he going to make the screens himself or take them to a hardware store to get done?  If he takes them it should be a screen shop
  5. Does he use metal corners or plastic?  he needs to use metal corners or you will be calling him again shortly
  6. if he is installing a sliding screen door make sure the screen door has all metal parts and no plastic

Please know that we are not trying to criticize handyman services or local hardware stores that make screens but we are in the business of replacing sliding screen doors, windows screen replacement and re-screening and we see it and hear all the time when our clients call us to replace and redo a screen job gone wrong.  This happens a lot and fortunately for us we are in business because of this and we do very well.