Swinging screen door repair in Thousand Oaks

If you are having problems with your swinging screen door I will be happy to come out and give you a free estimate on repairing it or having it re screened. I have several screen to choose from and all work great for different purposes. The clear insect screen is for keeping the bugs out.

The best seller screen mesh material for screen doors, both swingers and slider screens is the new pet proof pet screen material, which is made to withstand dogs, kids and adults pushing on it and dog and cat claws. It is made out of nylon coated fiberglass and is seven times stronger than regular screen mesh.

If the porch screen need some work done to the frame, handle or frame parts, I can also come by take a look and give you an exact price on how much it would be for me to repair it. All the work I do is done onsite for prompt and convenient service and I also guarantee all my work.

Sometimes some screen doors can not be replaced and in this case I can give you a price on how much it would cost to replace it, but I never pressure any of my clients when it comes to my free estimates. If a client wants to think about doing the job after they receive my estimate that is perfectly OK.

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Buying new sliding screen doors in the Thousand oaks area?

We offer the best sliding screen doors in the Thousand Oaks area for the price and type of service you are looking for. We are mobile and do all the work at your place, the material we use is the top of the line and the highest quality available.

The aluminum frames we use are heavy duty for Durability alone better slide. The rollers are steal ball bearing and are fully adjustable for better sliding and keeping the screen door on track. All screen doors ordered are made on the spot, we measure and make them custom to size because every opening is different.
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Sliding screen door install in Thousand Oaks

The Spring time is right around the corner and we got the new sliding screen doors that are built to last for 30 years in great shape. Custom made insure for proper sliding and lasting purposes. We measure and make them on the spot.

The actual screen door is all metal and is light weight extruded aluminum heavy duty frame with all metal corners built to last. The rollers are also metal. And all adjustable for sliding purposes. Metal handles in and out are the best way to go after dealing with little black plastic handles that don’t work ford years.

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Thousand Oaks New Solid Screen Doors

We carry the best screen doors on the market. I do Thousand Oaks Screen Door Replacement mostly because thats what people mostly ask for. replacing their old sliding screen door that never rolled right across the tracks. All our patio screen doors are made form extruded aluminum not roll form metal. We only use the highest quality products and offer a standard 10 year, no extra charge guarantee to prove we are Thousand Oaks number one mobile screen service.

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Thousand Oaks Screen Doors

thousand oaks screen doorsWorking on Thousand Oaks screen doors as a mobile screen repair is our specialty. No screen door or window screen repair or replacement job is too big or too small. If you need rescreening, pet screen or pet proof mesh, frames fixed we can do it all on the spot.  We bring our mobile screen repair shop to you.


Patio sliding screen doors to window screens with bent or cracked plastic corners, we do it all.  Thousand Oaks screen doors are repaired every day and we are pros at it.

  • screen doors falling off track
  • tears and rips in screen doors mesh
  • best screen door frames
  • need stronger screen on screen doors like “pet screen”
  • or just plain better sliding screen doors

we can take care of all your needs, we are prompt and never late, have been specializing in fixing and replacing the most used door in the home (backyard screen door) for almost “20” years (1993) and do the job right the first time, leaving you with a slider that will not give you anymore problems.

Some examples of what you should look for if you are having screen door problems with  your Thousand Oaks screen doors. First I look at the frame and make sure it is straight, old frames are pretty bang up but getting them straightened to be in a bit better shape makes a world of difference and might be able to be I rescreened.  A nice tight mesh and right sized ribber spline, they will look a lot better and keep the insects out.

If the sliding is the problem with your screen door then rollers should be evaluated, maybe they should be lubricated and repaired or just replace them.  The wheels on every frame are the main sliding part and need to work right.  After that is all checked make sure to dust off the tracks and lube them for a better slide.  if your are fighting your slider we specialize in Thousand Oaks screen doors and window screen repair and replacement.  Smaller jobs are ok and we always offer free written estimates.

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