Replace your window screen

If you live in areas where it rains a lot and have wood windows it could be a problem.  If you have wood window that need some work with the molding water will come in and this could just do more damage to the wood. Most older wood window encasements are off square and usually have problems holdings screens.  We get a lot of call for us to replace leaky window screen for the purpose of just stopping the water from coming in but even a tighter fitting screen frame will not stop water from coming in through the bottom window ledge.

Wood windows require a lot more maintenance than the regular vinyl and aluminum windows we are all used to seeing.  The wood windows are probably the most stylish of all even if they are not that eco friendly.  Wood widows are not very energy efficient and like I mentioned before they are a bit high maintenance, but how much more the a more modern window?  The truth to that question is that we will know in about 50 years because vinyl windows have not even been around as long as wood windows have, some vinyl windows have already been replaced twice in half that time.

Vinyl windows are very nice and give the home a face lift  if that is what you are looking for, to some the older window look is just fine. The colors seem to be getting better with time, you have ( white ) to choose from.  Now they have gotten better you can actually get, tan vinyl windows, brown vinyl windows and black vinyl windows and you won’t have to replace leaky window screen on any of them because the come with nice fitting window screen already on them, the only problem with that is that the windows screen come with little plastic corners that have a short life cycle.

Aluminum window encasements have been around just about as long as the wood windows and have proven the they stand up well to mother nature, the only downfall aluminum window encasements have is they are not energy efficient at all, another is the rollers on the aluminum windows gave out before the windows did. Screen on these windows fit very well and come in and out without any struggle at all.

The main benefits and problems with windows:

  • Some vinyl windows are better saving energy.
  • vinyl windows a better for noise reduction.
  • vinyl window have screens that are close to impossible to take out.
  • vinyl encasements sliding screen doors have very little play room and this is a problem for sliding doors to slide right.
  • Aluminum windows have been around for a long time and will probably be around for ever.
  • Aluminum windows are not energy efficient and do not reduce noise.
  • Wood windows are the most stylish but need lots of maintenance and you will probably have to replace leaky window screen.
  • Wood window encasements when new are very expensive compared to some new vinyl windows out there.

There is no right window or wrong window, it’s all choice and budget.  The most important things to look out for is that the windows you are buying come from a company you feel comfortable with and that the come with a good guarantee.  Windows have to feel right, make sure they are not to heavy when opening and closing, some window manufactures make window and sliding glass doors so heavy some customers can’t even open them. They need to function right, the lock latched on the sliding glass door and windows need to work right and make sure that you can personally take the window screens and the sliding screen doors out yourself before buying them, if not you will constantly be ordering new screens for them.

New sliding screen door installation in Oak Park

We just installed a brand new sliding screen door in the city of Oak Park. The job order was for a white sliding door and it had to be a heavy duty frame because the customer had problems with dogs and cats climbing on the screen mesh material and kids running into it and pushing on the screen.

One thing that was a must for our client was that they did not want to have to take measurements and have to order the patio screen door by themselves so they hired us because we are totally mobile and do all our jobs onsite without making our client wait for service men to come and go, over and over again a few times to finish the job.  We do it in one day, clean up and we are done. The end results are you get a new, perfectly made custom sliding screen.

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