Adjusting a sliding screen door so it does not stick

Sliding screen doors are made to slide smooth across you tracks without having to push or pull them. The first thing that will need adjusting is the rollers on the top of the screen door frame and on the bottom. You are going to need a fillips screw driver for raising and lowering the roller up or down. Some are made out of plastic and others are metal ball bearing, these slide the best and will usually be able to work when trying to fix them.

Make sure to use the encasement where the lock is to guide you in leveling it properly, the right and left rollers will tilt the patio door from one side to the other until it is as straight as can be. If you detect other problems like a bent, cracked or warped frame this too will cause it to not caught. One of the most common problems that happens to a sliding screen doors is someone walking through it and bending and breaking it, outside of dogs, cats and kids this is one of the reasons we are in business.

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