Simi Valley Sliding Screen Doors Custom Made

I make sliding patio screen doors on the spot, custom in Simi Valley for the best track and channel fit and customer, screen repair and replacement experience and convenience. I install great sliding screen door for Simi Valley residents and have been doing it for 17 years! All my work is guaranteed, in parts and labor. The best is, all metal parts, NO PLASTIC!  Plastic parts are a big no no, and will give you problems.  If you  are reading this it’s probably because your sliding screen door has plastic parts that broke of and are not working properly.  Call me (Marcelo) for a free quote and see some of my samples.

Newbury Park Sliding Screen Doors Custom Made

I make new sliding screen doors in Newbury Park custom made on the spot. Measured for the best fit and slide. All the screen doors are all metal and the hardware parts are all metal as well. I guarantee them for 10 years. Newbury Park screen doors replaced and repaired is a big part of my business. Most of the clients who call me are having problems with their sliding screen doors falling off track, bent screen doors or just plain missing screen doors.

Thousand Oaks Sliding Screen Doors Repairs

Making Thousand Oaks sliding screen door repairs on the spot is what I do. If you need screens repared or replaced onsite give me a call, I come to you. I have a variety of material to choose from and guarantee my work. Thousand Oaks Sliding Screen Doors Repairs for screens are made to order and fit perfect in those troubled encasements with bottom tracks that look like the are worn and bent. I’ll test them with a sample slider when I come and give you a free quote.

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I install screen doors in Agoura Hills

I install screen doors in Agoura Hills just about every week. The aluminum patio screens I make are heavy duty and made to order. If you are having problems with you sliding screen doors does not slide right, you may need a new slider or maybe a screen repair on parts and hardware.

If your screens near rollers because they are missing or cracked that could be one of the reasons they are not sliding the way it should on the tracks. make sure to keep the bottom tracks clean and lubed with wd40  and adjust the wheels so that the frame does not drag on the metal.

Sliding screen door installation in Newbury Park

Today I installed another new sliding screen door on a vinyl white glass slider. They normally come with screens that slide ok, but for many they just never slide as good as they should.  One of the main problems with the screens that come with the original glass sliding door is that they have hardware that does not last.

All metal hardware parts for patio doors is the best choice because they last a very long time without having to bother with them. Metal handle a more comfortable to use and are a lot stronger that the plastic handle and lock latch.
Pet proofing screen or better known as pet screen can be installed on every screen and is for holding up against dogs and cats jumping on then and clawing them. Ask for samples when I come down and see the difference

Repaired screen doors in Westlake Village

Today I did a screen door job in Westlake Village for nice client who called me for a free estimate on a patio screen, because his grand kids ran into it and the frame bent and the mesh ripped. I could not repair the screen or the insect screen mesh but offered to replace it instead. I showed the sample screen door I carry with me in my truck and he loved it. It also comes with the pet screen which is a heavy duty mesh for pets and kids so they don’t tear it. The Screen door was replaced and the client now, no longer has to drag the bent screen across the track anymore.

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