Thousand Oaks Sliding Screen Doors Repairs

Making Thousand Oaks sliding screen door repairs on the spot is what I do. If you need screens repared or replaced onsite give me a call, I come to you. I have a variety of material to choose from and guarantee my work. Thousand Oaks Sliding Screen Doors Repairs for screens are made to order and fit perfect in those troubled encasements with bottom tracks that look like the are worn and bent. I’ll test them with a sample slider when I come and give you a free quote.

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Screen Doors Thousand Oaks

Screen Doors Thousand Oaks custom installed on the spot for a better fit, slide and you convenience. I come to you with my mobile screen door truck and do all screen repairs and replacement on the spot for a quality installation and, the best all metal hardware parts patio sliding screen door you ever had, and, will ever need!

On all my new screens I make custom and install i give the option of screen mesh for different situations.  If you need a clear view screen door and don’t want to block it,you can get the clearest screen which is practically invisible.  If you have pets, dogs,cats that climb the screen door or claw at it and can rip it then you will need to guard it with pet screen, which is 7 times stronger than regular mesh and is practically indestructible.

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Replaced Onsite

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors were replaced on site for a job yesterday that the client had problems with the patio sliding screen door was coming off the track.  The first thing I need to do is figure out why their old screen door was falling off  and see if I can repair it.  In this case the bottom plastic rollors were worn and cracked and the metal frame was bent in a few areas, so repairing the screen was not an option.

When I make a new sliding screen door I use good quality materials, like all metal hardware parts for the assembly of it and making the screens on the spot helps to make a better screen door as well. Most houses have doors and windows that are not square so measuring in multiple areas for a better sliding fit is best.

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Thousand Oaks Screen Door Repair Service

I offer Thousand Oaks a mobile screen door repair and replacement service that is professional and prompt. Screen doors that fall off tracks and stick are what I specialize in and replace them all the time with quality sliding screen patio screen with locks and heavy duty metal handle and parts.

Custom made gray screen door made today in Thousand Oaks

I make them to order for the best fit, because buying a sliding screen door already made is not as easy at it seems. Not only is finding what you want is really hard but after you do find the screen, it won’t work the way is should. Think about this if you open your slider about 50 times a day, do you think little white plastic roller wheels are going to last. Only metal ball bearing rollers will last for decades on a screen door. So remember in Thousand Oaks I will come to you and give you a free quote. Call me direct: 805 304-6778

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Thousand Oaks Screen Door Man

I install great sliding screen doors in Thousand Oaks and in the surrounding areas.  If you want a good quality screen that you will never have to fight to open or close again you found me!  Aluminum patio screen door replacement is my specialty and the hardware parts that come with the screen doors are the best.

Included with every patio door is pet screen for extra strength, it’s like a pet or dog guard but better, much better. The locks are latch style and offer security because they are made out of metal as well. The rollers are steel and fully adjustable for a tight, yey very smooth glide across any track. So if you think you may need screen repair, please call me on my cell 805 304-6778 and I’ll come by for a free estimate.  oIm mobile, i do custom screen work and I work in Thousand Oaks.

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Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Replacement

Thousand oaks screen doors replacement mobile service that offers all door and window screen work as well. Our new sliding patio screen doors are the best made on the market, they have auminum flex frame for resisting pressure applied to them. the hanles are not the typical black plastic, they are all extruded metal and are extremely strong and durable.

Screen Door Slide

  • Steel Rollers
  • Adjustable
  • smooth slide
  • Tight fit

They slide veery smooth and quite yet the are made to no fall off track.  Because the roller set is steel sealed fully adjustable ball bearing rollers and made to be adjusted for years, they will let the door rise and drop when needed for the nast fitting screen door ever.

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