Screen Doors Thousand Oaks

Screen Doors Thousand Oaks custom installed on the spot for a better fit, slide and you convenience. I come to you with my mobile screen door truck and do all screen repairs and replacement on the spot for a quality installation and, the best all metal hardware parts patio sliding screen door you ever had, and, will ever need!

On all my new screens I make custom and install i give the option of screen mesh for different situations.  If you need a clear view screen door and don’t want to block it,you can get the clearest screen which is practically invisible.  If you have pets, dogs,cats that climb the screen door or claw at it and can rip it then you will need to guard it with pet screen, which is 7 times stronger than regular mesh and is practically indestructible.

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Replaced Onsite

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors were replaced on site for a job yesterday that the client had problems with the patio sliding screen door was coming off the track.  The first thing I need to do is figure out why their old screen door was falling off  and see if I can repair it.  In this case the bottom plastic rollors were worn and cracked and the metal frame was bent in a few areas, so repairing the screen was not an option.

When I make a new sliding screen door I use good quality materials, like all metal hardware parts for the assembly of it and making the screens on the spot helps to make a better screen door as well. Most houses have doors and windows that are not square so measuring in multiple areas for a better sliding fit is best.

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Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Mobile Installs

Thousand Oaks Screen Doors Installed onsite on aluminum metal door encasement’s and vinyl new doors. Even new installed doors and windows have big problems with their screen because the thin gauge frames and plastic corners and hardware parts used on them.

Everything that is plastic on sliding patio screen doors or window screens is a problem because plastic does not do well in the elements. I only sell good quality screen doors that are built to last, they have metal handles,metal rollers, metal locks and a very heavy duty screen frame that is extruded, flexible and light weight for less stress on the rollers. If you are in Thousand Oaks ans need work don on your screens, call us!

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Westlake Village Screen Doors Custom Made

Thousand Oaks Screen Door Replacement

Westlake Village screen doors custom made on the spot for 17 years and all guaranteed!  The aluminum patio screen doors I make are measured in 7 places to get the right fit. Sliding a screen across the tracks and channels is not an easy thing if the screen door in not made right.

  • It will get stuck and drag
  • It will fall off the tracks over and over again

These are the biggest problems that a sliding screen will have and it’s all it takes to drive you just about crazy. That’s why measuring and getting a quality screen is so important on the long run, or in most instances, right off the bat. If you go to Home depot you might buy the wrong patio screen door and that’s it for your Spring sanity, you got a problem.  If you have an old screen door and need to repair or replace it, that is exactly what I do. Give me (Marcelo) call direct at…805 304-6778

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Newbury Park Screen Doors

Newbury Park Screen Doors Replaced on the spot with our mobile screen unit. When it comes to Newbury Park Sliding Screen Door installations I am the best because I am prompt, professional, with 17 years of specializing in Newbury Park Screen Door Replacement. The material I use is all metal and steel hardware parts for the custom screens i make and I back it up with a 10 year guarantee and if anything need adjustment for any reason, I come out and adjust them at no charge. No one will give you this service.

My Newbury Park Screen Doors Onsite service is my specialty and I come to you and repair or replace you screens without you having to go anywhere.  There are a few reasons my service is so convenient…

  1. Making screen doors requires a certain technique
  2. Doing them on the spot gets the best sliding results
  3. Customer convenience

If you have problems with your screens and need to get a free estimate and see samples please give me a call direct at …805 304-6778

Oak Park Screen Door Replacement Service

Oak Park screen door job site tracks

Oak Park screen door replacement service for patio sliding screen doors is a big part of my business and work in this city every week making and installing screen doors custom made.   Most window and door encasements are not square and this will cause sliding screens to fall off track or get stuck.

When tracks are not even or sraight I can make custom screen door frames to compensate for that and get them to slide perfect. Thanks to adjustable metal rollers that allow me to fix the level of the screen in four placesand the screen will open and close good every time.