Thousand Oaks Screen Door Repair Service

I offer Thousand Oaks a mobile screen door repair and replacement service that is professional and prompt. Screen doors that fall off tracks and stick are what I specialize in and replace them all the time with quality sliding screen patio screen with locks and heavy duty metal handle and parts.

Custom made gray screen door made today in Thousand Oaks

I make them to order for the best fit, because buying a sliding screen door already made is not as easy at it seems. Not only is finding what you want is really hard but after you do find the screen, it won’t work the way is should. Think about this if you open your slider about 50 times a day, do you think little white plastic roller wheels are going to last. Only metal ball bearing rollers will last for decades on a screen door. So remember in Thousand Oaks I will come to you and give you a free quote. Call me direct: 805 304-6778

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