Malibu Mobile Screen Repair Tips and Services

Thinking of doing some screen repair?¬† Our Malibu mobile screen repair service can help! Some of the problems that can come with time on your patio doors is roller problems, when they wear out they can act like a knife on your tracks, cutting into the aluminum or vinyl on the bottom as you slide them back and forth. ¬†Take the frame off and check all the hardware, make sure the plastic parts are still in good shape, they usually don’t last as long as metal.

Another problem is the insect material. When working with porch screens that go out to the pool area, they always get a lot of use so screening them with the same fiberglass bugscreen mesh that’s used in windows is not a wise decision. This wire is not thick and long lasting like petscreen, as long as it’s installed tight an making sure the spline is thick , you will not go wrong.

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