Westlake Village Screen Doors Custom Made

Thousand Oaks Screen Door Replacement

Westlake Village screen doors custom made on the spot for 17 years and all guaranteed!  The aluminum patio screen doors I make are measured in 7 places to get the right fit. Sliding a screen across the tracks and channels is not an easy thing if the screen door in not made right.

  • It will get stuck and drag
  • It will fall off the tracks over and over again

These are the biggest problems that a sliding screen will have and it’s all it takes to drive you just about crazy. That’s why measuring and getting a quality screen is so important on the long run, or in most instances, right off the bat. If you go to Home depot you might buy the wrong patio screen door and that’s it for your Spring sanity, you got a problem.  If you have an old screen door and need to repair or replace it, that is exactly what I do. Give me (Marcelo) call direct at…805 304-6778

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