Window and door screen mesh repair

Window and door insect screens have been around for over a hundred and fifty years and it’s always been for one reason and thats BUGS!  No matter where you live you will always need  screens on your doors and windows if you don’t want bugs. Most insects that come in to the house a flying and screens take care of them very good. If you have screen frames that are to small for the opening and you have a gap, this may be a reason that fly’s are getting in.

Some of the reasons bugs get in your home are:

  1. Holes in screens
  2. torn screens
  3. gaps in windows
  4. gaps in sliding screen door
  5. screen frames cut to small
  6. bent screen frames
  7. no screen on window

If you have any of the above problems you need a mobile screen service to come out to your home and give you a free window and door insect screen home inspection. A screen company will come to you and do all the work on site just make sure that the screen company you call is a mobile screen company. Screens need to fit tight in order for insects not to get in and that means you need a mobile screen company to come to you and measure everything there.  They measure and make the screens to order all custom screens done at your home, if there is a problem with a screen they make it is fixed right there no waiting or coming or going.

What happens when you call a screen shop is they will ask you to take all the measurements for the screen frames you need so you better be good or else you will have bugs over for dinner and thats no joke.  You don’t measure right, you might as well no have screens.  Bugs will find their way in you “do it your self people. If you pay an extra charge to a screen shop to come to your home and measure this still does not solve the problem of making a mistake on old windows that are no longer square because if the measurement is of, the company who measured it will not take another trip just to make that screen 1/8 bigger and you just invited bugs for dinner.

Things to remember to keep your home free on flying bugs:

  1. Window screen mesh needs to be no older that 7 to 10 years old
  2. Sliding screen door mesh should not be older than 7 to 10 years old
  3. All screens need to fit tight yet come in and out easy
  4. No gaps on any screen (room only to take screen in and out)
  5. No holes in screen
  6. No tears in screens
  7. All windows that open should have a screen

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