Time to Buy a Sliding Screen Door.

When your ready to buy a sliding screen door you need to know if you are going to install it yourself 0r call a mobile screen company and have them do the installation. Doing the job yourself is a bigger task than you might think. A sliding screen door moves a lot everyday and It needs to be made and installed right. There are many frame and mesh types to choose from and some other things you should know before you buy a sliding screen door. Don’t make the same mistake many homeowner do by installing a screen doors that does not fit right or slide right, if you do everyone in the household will constantly be fighting with it to try to get in and out of the house.  If you have a screen company install one, it will be done right and last about 20 to 30 years.

Installing the screen door yourself and what you will need:

If you want to take on the task of buying and installing a sliding screen door yourself  you will need to know how to measure the opening right, too much and the screen will get jammed too little and your new screen door is going to slide right off the track. You will also have get some tools ready and be able to lift and move the large screen door around.   To transport the the sliding screen door you will need a vehicle large enough to fit it, do not tie it to the roof of your car because it will old with the wind.

Before buying a sliding screen door ask yourself, Is this patio screen doors going to be used a lot or very little?  If this door your looking for is going to take a bit of abuse you should look for an extra thick frame, if not chances are you will be replacing it.  The part that usually goes first is the part where the plastic handle is.  If you have kids and pets you will probably want something more heavy-duty that last longer.  If  you have a view there is also clear screen mesh that won’t block it. The clearest mesh is called charcoal. Pet Screen is the extra thick screen mesh for sliding screen doors and it is the strongest screen mesh sold.  It is made out of fiber glass and is 7 times stronger than the ordinary window screen material.  Dogs, kids and even wild animals will not stand a chance with Pet Screen.

Having a mobile screen company install a sliding screen door for you:

If you call a screen company you will need to make sure that they are a “mobile screen company” and  that they work in your area. A mobile screen company comes to you and does all the work on-site ensuring that everything is done right the first time and the measurements are as exact as possible.  Measuring the opening where the screen is going to be installed is most important and there is a technic to it. The experience the Mobile Screen Service has and how they guarantee their work is also very important.  We do not recommend buying sliding screen doors with plastic handles an plastic rollers.