Window screen repair for your home

It seems that a lot of the older windows are just not holding up anymore, after all some windows out there are over 40 years old. Today we have vinyl windows that are energy efficient and reduce the noise. One of the problems with the new vinyl windows is the plastic corners on the window screen frames, they just aren’t strong enough and they don’t last. On the other hand with the older aluminum windows most of the screen have good metal corners but are just to old to re-screen, so changing the frame on these screens is a must.

Replacing the Screens

New screen frames come in different colors to choose from so what we recommend is that you choose a color that matches you window encasement color for a better match or the color of your old screen frame so they look the same. New screens make your windows look years younger or better, actually the only thing you see in a window if the window screen mesh is old is the old screen.  It doesn’t matter if the windows are new or old when a screen mesh is old it turns gray and brittle and blocks your view making it easy to see. When a screen is new you should not see it, thats how clear you want you screen to be, unnoticeable.

Do your windows really need to be replaced?

You would be surprised what new window screens and new sliding screen doors could do for your windows. starting with the look, it makes a house look much better than is all the windows have gray old screens that can be seeing from the street.  You do not want to be able to tell that there are screens on windows, if  you can it’s time to do some home window repair and rescreen your windows A.S.A.P

Old Screens?

Window and door screens don’t last forever, you do have to rescreen your windows and doors at least every 8 to 10 years.  Waiting more than this just means your screens are old. When a screen is new the mesh is clear and you cant tell the screens there and it wont have any glare from the sun that will be noticeable from the inside of the house.

Window and door screen mesh repair

Window and door insect screens have been around for over a hundred and fifty years and it’s always been for one reason and thats BUGS!  No matter where you live you will always need  screens on your doors and windows if you don’t want bugs. Most insects that come in to the house a flying and screens take care of them very good. If you have screen frames that are to small for the opening and you have a gap, this may be a reason that fly’s are getting in.

Some of the reasons bugs get in your home are:

  1. Holes in screens
  2. torn screens
  3. gaps in windows
  4. gaps in sliding screen door
  5. screen frames cut to small
  6. bent screen frames
  7. no screen on window

If you have any of the above problems you need a mobile screen service to come out to your home and give you a free window and door insect screen home inspection. A screen company will come to you and do all the work on site just make sure that the screen company you call is a mobile screen company. Screens need to fit tight in order for insects not to get in and that means you need a mobile screen company to come to you and measure everything there.  They measure and make the screens to order all custom screens done at your home, if there is a problem with a screen they make it is fixed right there no waiting or coming or going.

What happens when you call a screen shop is they will ask you to take all the measurements for the screen frames you need so you better be good or else you will have bugs over for dinner and thats no joke.  You don’t measure right, you might as well no have screens.  Bugs will find their way in you “do it your self people. If you pay an extra charge to a screen shop to come to your home and measure this still does not solve the problem of making a mistake on old windows that are no longer square because if the measurement is of, the company who measured it will not take another trip just to make that screen 1/8 bigger and you just invited bugs for dinner.

Things to remember to keep your home free on flying bugs:

  1. Window screen mesh needs to be no older that 7 to 10 years old
  2. Sliding screen door mesh should not be older than 7 to 10 years old
  3. All screens need to fit tight yet come in and out easy
  4. No gaps on any screen (room only to take screen in and out)
  5. No holes in screen
  6. No tears in screens
  7. All windows that open should have a screen

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    Replace your window screen

    If you live in areas where it rains a lot and have wood windows it could be a problem.  If you have wood window that need some work with the molding water will come in and this could just do more damage to the wood. Most older wood window encasements are off square and usually have problems holdings screens.  We get a lot of call for us to replace leaky window screen for the purpose of just stopping the water from coming in but even a tighter fitting screen frame will not stop water from coming in through the bottom window ledge.

    Wood windows require a lot more maintenance than the regular vinyl and aluminum windows we are all used to seeing.  The wood windows are probably the most stylish of all even if they are not that eco friendly.  Wood widows are not very energy efficient and like I mentioned before they are a bit high maintenance, but how much more the a more modern window?  The truth to that question is that we will know in about 50 years because vinyl windows have not even been around as long as wood windows have, some vinyl windows have already been replaced twice in half that time.

    Vinyl windows are very nice and give the home a face lift  if that is what you are looking for, to some the older window look is just fine. The colors seem to be getting better with time, you have ( white ) to choose from.  Now they have gotten better you can actually get, tan vinyl windows, brown vinyl windows and black vinyl windows and you won’t have to replace leaky window screen on any of them because the come with nice fitting window screen already on them, the only problem with that is that the windows screen come with little plastic corners that have a short life cycle.

    Aluminum window encasements have been around just about as long as the wood windows and have proven the they stand up well to mother nature, the only downfall aluminum window encasements have is they are not energy efficient at all, another is the rollers on the aluminum windows gave out before the windows did. Screen on these windows fit very well and come in and out without any struggle at all.

    The main benefits and problems with windows:

    • Some vinyl windows are better saving energy.
    • vinyl windows a better for noise reduction.
    • vinyl window have screens that are close to impossible to take out.
    • vinyl encasements sliding screen doors have very little play room and this is a problem for sliding doors to slide right.
    • Aluminum windows have been around for a long time and will probably be around for ever.
    • Aluminum windows are not energy efficient and do not reduce noise.
    • Wood windows are the most stylish but need lots of maintenance and you will probably have to replace leaky window screen.
    • Wood window encasements when new are very expensive compared to some new vinyl windows out there.

    There is no right window or wrong window, it’s all choice and budget.  The most important things to look out for is that the windows you are buying come from a company you feel comfortable with and that the come with a good guarantee.  Windows have to feel right, make sure they are not to heavy when opening and closing, some window manufactures make window and sliding glass doors so heavy some customers can’t even open them. They need to function right, the lock latched on the sliding glass door and windows need to work right and make sure that you can personally take the window screens and the sliding screen doors out yourself before buying them, if not you will constantly be ordering new screens for them.

    Screen Repair

    Spring is here and it’s time to open the windows and doors!  Are your window screens OK, or do they need to be repaired?  Screen repair can be quick and simple depending on who you call. A mobile screen service like mine can make screen fixing simple and easy, getting the screens repaired at your place for a very low price. Sliding screen door repair or screen repair can be just a re-screen or a re-frame. A window and door re-screen is when you just replace the screen mesh on your window or replace the screen mesh on your sliding screen door and a re-frame is when you get new custom screens made for your windows.

    The first thing thats assessed when  a screen repair job is started is:

    • How many window screens need to be fixed?
    • How many of the window screens that need to be fixed need new frames?
    • Is the sliding screen door sliding good?
    • Is the sliding screen doors frame OK?

    If a screen door is torn or ripped and the frame is in good condition it can be re-screened, if a screen doors is bent or missing you wull need to have a new screen frame made custom for it.  Most screen repair is custom due to all the window manufactures that have come and gone, plus homes settle with time and this make sliding screen doors get jammed in their tracks. The options are simple and it’s all up to you on how many you want to repair and how much you want to spend.  Just keep in mind that screen material (mesh) life cycle is about 7 to 14 years , after that they should get replaced just like you would a air conditioning filter, a water filter or a car air filter.

    Easy Fit Screens

    An EasyFit Screen is what we call a window screen that is custom made to fit just right in the window it is going to be installed on. Just about every window has a track or channel for screens, Some window screens can be taken in and out easy and some can’t be taken in and out at all. When a EasyFit Screen is made we make sure we do the measuring ourselves and we do it right.  I have years of experience working with hundreds of different window manufactures and learning what to do to make a screen fit in and out easily. I am mobile since 1993 and am in the business of screen repair and replacement.

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    Custom Window Screens in Thousand Oaks

    Custom Window Screens in Thousand Oaks

    Custom Made Window Screens Built to Your Specifications.

    Available with fiberglass insect window screen, insect screen, solar insect screen, and 20×30 mesh no-see-um window screen for tiny insect protection and pet resistant screen. The Aluminum frame size options include 5/16″, 3/8″ or 7/16″ thick by 3/4″ wide. Frame color choices are white, bronze, silver, tan and champagne. A variety of attachment hardware is available to meet most applications. Contact us if you have specific needs not listed on the order pages.

    General Information about Window Screens
    Custom Window Screens in Thousand Oaks can be made with several types of screen material or fabric. Different color choices are available depending on the type of window screens. For insect protection, we offer standard fiberglass window screens, aluminum window screens, no-see-um screens for the tiny insects and solar insect screens for double duty of keeping out the bugs and helping block heat.

    Aluminum screen frames around the outside edges hold it all together. The frame choices include several common sizes as well as color choices of white, bronze, tan, champagne and silver.

    Although some areas of the country may have some common sizes, there are none considered “standard size” or type window screens. All orders for window screens are custom made to your specifications. They may be half screens for single hung or horizontal slider windows, full size window screens for double hung or wooden windows or casement window screens that attach on the inside.

    Fiberglass Window Screens
    The most common type of custom window screens in Thousand Oaks are made with insect screen material made of vinyl coated fiberglass. It is standard on most new construction homes and apartments. It also makes a great economical replacement window screen on older homes. Fiberglass is a very forgiving fabric that springs back into shape if pushed on or bumped accidentally. The vinyl coating assures that your window screens will last longer exposed to the weather elements.

    No-See-Um Window Screens
    Similar to the no-see-um mesh, the solar insect window screens also have a 20 x 30 mesh fiberglass. They look similar to a standard window screen when installed on your windows, but only slightly darker. The solar insect window screens help cool your home by blocking up to 60% of the sun’s heat before it reaches the window glass. This translates in to cooler rooms and lower cooling costs in warm climates.

    Window Screen Material Rolls

    Select from Standard Insect Window Screen Made with Fiberglass or Pet Screen, NEW Clear Advantage Window Screen that is Virtually Invisible Under Normal Daily Activity Plus Has Improved Visiblity and Airflow, Stronger Insect Screen for Patio, Porch and Swimming Pool Enclosures, 20×20 Mesh NO-SEE-UM Screen for Tiny Insects, Pet Resistant Screen, Copper/Bronze Screen Wire Mesh, Florida Glass Screen for Privacy Screen and More. Perfect for Your Window Screen Repair or New Construction.

    Fiberglass Window Screen
    Standard fiberglass insect screen is flexible, economical and easy to install screening. Will not crease, dent, or unravel. The most commonly used screening for new construction. Available in Gray and Charcoal color. Mesh: 18 x 16, Diameter: .011

    My areas are! Thousand Oaks, Lynn Ranch, Westlake Village, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Lake Shearwood, Newbury Park, Camarillo, Conejo Valley, Moorpark, Happy Camp, Santa Rosa, Pleasant Valley, Simi Valley, Woodranch. Call me and I’ll take care of all your needs.