Spring time window screen repair

When the warm Spring weather comes around and you open all your windows, you realize it’s time for screen repair.  Nobody gets away without having to replace a screen somewhere in the house, it’s just the way it id.  One of the things you should ad to your spring cleaning list is cleaning screens. When cleaning a screen be gentle because if the screen is old there is a chance that the mesh is brittle and will rip, Also the metal frame may be cracked and applying any pleasure with finish breaking the frame.

Screens with wood frame should not be wash with water because the frame will warp and it will not fit back in the window trim.  Rescreening is an option on ripped, torn or cut screens and if you find any little holes. You can patch a screen with mesh tape.

Screen repair does not have to be difficult or expensive if you take your time and do it right. With just some simple hand tools laying around the house you can repair a screen if you take your time and do the right research.  Even if you need to repair screen frame you will find some in any local hardware store and you wont need to buy any fancy tools to get the job done right.

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